Sunday, January 13, 2019

Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo

Alien Captors book 1 by Sarah Marsh

Genre: Paranormal M/M/F/M


 What would you do if you woke to find yourself confronted with an entirely new universe? Alison Baker deals with it the best way she knows how, one day at a time. 

Alison wakes in the midst of a nightmare, complete with monsters included. She winds up being rescued by three alien males but when it comes to her future she’ll need to learn to open up her mind and her heart if she hopes to survive the virus that her kidnappers infected her with.

Clan Drogan are quite content with their lives and careers, when their ship gets attacked by pirates and they are forced to protect themselves, their spoils of war come in the most unexpected of packages. They’ve never met any female like Ali before, and her sweet and caring nature draws them to her like a moth to a flame. But they have commitments of their own when it comes to their future, will the three of them be able to decide once and for all if their intended mate back home is the right one for them? Or will they follow their instincts and see where their attraction to Alison leads?

Ali knows that Conn, Kal, and Tannen are meant for another woman, but she can’t seem to help herself when it comes to falling for the three charming men. They introduce her to pleasures she’s never even imagined; how could just a taste ever really be enough? When they finally arrive on the men’s home planet of Dolak, she sees first hand that her competition for their hearts is fierce and not about to go away quietly. 

Will she find the strength to stand up and fight for what she wants?

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Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by TracieR

I don’t naturally gravitate to Sci-Fi but I have to say I am glad I did with this one.

Precious Cargo is a fabulous Sci-Fi romance that definitely steams up the pages. Alluring character, engaging interaction and a well written storyline, the first book in the Alien Captor was well worth the read. I will be seeking to read more by this author and recommending to other readers.