Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday's Thirty: Ali Wilde & Andy Slayde

 Today we have authors Ali Wilde & Andy Slayde answering our Thursday's Thirty, proving why they are the perfect dynamic duo, mixing a little bit of Sin with a little bit of Sweet!

1.      Sinful or Sweet? Ali: Sinful.  Andy: Sweet.

2.      Night or Day? Ali: Night.  Andy: Night.

3.      Coffee or Tea? Ali: Tea, Earl Grey… hot.  Andy: Tea – Ice cold.

4.      Leather or Lace? Ali: Lace.  Andy: Leather.

5.      Chocolate or Sex? Ali: Chocolate.  Andy: Chocolate.

6.      Pajama movie night or Cocktails at the bar? Ali: Mocktails at the bar.  Andy: PJs and a movie.

7.      Happily Ever After or Happy For Now? Ali: Happy for now.  Andy: Happy for now.

8.      Ebook or Paperback? Ali: Paperback.  Andy: ebooks.

9.      Star Trek or Star Wars? Ali: Star Trek.  Andy: Star Wars.

10.  Dogs or Cats? Ali: Cats.  Andy: Cats.

11.  Fruit or Chocolate? Ali: Fruit dipped in chocolate.  Andy: Chocolate.

12.  Hero or Heroine? Ali: Hero.  Andy: Hero.

13.  Twilight or True Blood? Ali: Blech, neither.  Andy: True Blood (haven’t seen it yet, but it has to be 
better than Twilight.)

14.  Fantasy or Sci-Fi? Ali: Neither again, sorry.  Andy: Sci-Fi.

15.  Hard or Soft? —interpret that as you wish ;-) Ali: Hmmm, hard (diamonds.)  Andy: Hard :o)

16.  Sweet or Savory? Ali: Savoury.  Andy: Sweet.

17.  Gold or Silver? Ali: Silver.  Andy: Silver.

18.  Vampire or Werewolf? Ali: Vampire.  Andy: Werewolf.

19.  Werewolf or Shifter? Ali: Hate both equally.  Andy: Pengy shifter!

20.  Contemporary or Paranormal? Ali: Contemporary.  Andy: Contemporary paranormals :o)

21.  Love or Lust? Ali: Love.  Andy: Love.

22.  Naughty or Nice? Ali: Naughty.  Andy: Nice.

23.  Christmas or Halloween? Ali: Christmas.  Andy: Halloween.

24.  Beer or Wine? Ali: Don’t drink.  Andy: Beer.

25.  Game Of Throne or Spartacus? Ali: I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Andy: LOL Game of Thrones.

26.  International or Home Grown? Ali: What? Veg, singers, movie stars? Hugh Jackman – home grown.  Andy: International.

27.  Movie or TV Show? Ali: TV show.  Andy: Depends on which movie/TV show you are offering… TV show.

28.  Brains or Brawn? Ali: Brains.  Andy: Brains.

29.  City or Country? Ali: City.  Andy: Country.

30.  Piercing or Tattoos? Ali: Both, lots.  Andy: Tattoos.

How Was He Supposed To Know

Why does Reece need to carry a color chart on a night out? When his bandana gets him into trouble,

longtime-crush Lane saves the day, turning Reece's world--and future--upside down.

Who knew the bandana Reece wears and uses on his family dairy farm could cause so much trouble? Reece's main company is his family and the cattle. So, when the opportunity for a night off arises, he grabs it with both hands and heads for the only gay club within fifty miles.
Reece has had a crush on Lane--one of the bartenders--forever. But Lane's leaving town at the end of the week. What good would come of hooking up with him now? Should that stop Reece from going home with Lane and finding out what Lane's bandana really means?

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