Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday's Thirty: Isabelle Rowan

Isabelle Rowan


Today we have Aussie author Isabelle Rowan in the hot seat, answering Thursday's Thirty, and revealing a little bit about herself!

1.      Sinful or Sweet?
Definitely sinful – sweet gives me a headache!

2.      Night or Day?
Hmm. Early hours of the morning – I love that time just before dawn.

3.      Coffee or Tea?
Coffee – long and black. Although I do love peppermint tea.

4.      Leather or Lace?
I’m a black lace girl, especially when teamed with velvet.

5.      Chocolate or Sex?
Can I have both? If I have to choose… nah, still want both.

6.      Pajama movie night or Cocktails at the bar?
Definitely pajama movie night! I’m a total movie freak!

7.      Happily Ever After or Happy For Now?
Happy for now- I don’t think I’ve ever written a happily ever after even though there’s always hope.

8.      Ebook or Paperback?
There’s something very special about holding a book, so paperback.

9.      Star Trek or Star Wars?

10.  Dogs or Cats?
Cats – slinky oriental cats.

11.  Fruit or Chocolate?
Chocolate – preferably dark.

12.  Hero or Heroine?
Hero – like Aragorn.

13.  Twilight or True Blood?
I like my vampires with bite so True Blood all the way.

14.  Fantasy or Sci-Fi?
That’s tough because I love both. Fantasy maybe, but only just.

15.  Hard or Soft? —interpret that as you wish ;-)
Hard body, soft heart?

16.  Sweet or Savory?

17.  Gold or Silver?
Luckily I like silver because I can’t afford gold.

18.  Vampire or Werewolf?
Vampires – I’ve always had a thing for vampires.

19.  Werewolf or Shifter?
I think werewolf – darker and more dangerous for some reason.

20.  Contemporary or Paranormal?
Paranormal, although I write more contemporary.

21.  Love or Lust?
Love. *blush*

22.  Naughty or Nice?
But isn’t naughty nice?

23.  Christmas or Halloween?
Halloween! So much more fun.

24.  Beer or Wine?
Wine, although I’m not much use after one glass!

25.  Games Of Throne or Spartacus?
Oh my God, I love Game of Thrones!

26.  International or Home Grown?
Home grown I think. Most of my characters are home grown Aussies.

27.  Movie or TV Show?
TV series – long ones that come in box sets! I don’t sleep much.

28.  Brains or Brawn?
Brains. Give me a geek.

29.  City or Country?
Country. Cities are for visiting, not living.

30.  Piercing or Tattoos?
Tattoos – I have several and am always adding to them. Ink combined my two loves; vampires and tattoos! Plus Daniel in The Red Heart was a tattooist.

The Red Heart

An ex-soldier and an urban Goth walk into a desert. It sounds like the start of a joke, but for Sam Collins and Daniel Evans, it is the beginning of their story. Daniel walks to shed his drug-filled past and make himself whole. But Sam, who hides the demons of war behind a smile, needs Daniel more than either man knows. An old stockman’s wisdom sends them on their journey together, a long hard road to find Australia’s sacred Red Heart and—perhaps—each other.

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