Friday, June 28, 2013

Fantasy Friday: Jana Downs

Jana Downs lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with three cats, one dog, several dozen fish, and a very understanding partner-in-crime who hates to read but makes exceptions for her stories.

You can usually find her either watching bad reality TV, buying way too many books on Amazon, or dreaming up another man or two to occupy her time because life is good but several drop-dead gorgeous nonexistent men is just better.

Adult Excerpt
Holy cow. Oh my. I wanna touch it. He strained against the cuffs that held him suspended in the air. His mind still wasn’t wrapping around that nifty little trick. He tried to ask how it worked, but he couldn’t. Maybe Elia was onto something with this whole restraint thing. It was making his head spin and his body tighten impossibly. He swore he’d leaked more pre-cum in the last five minutes than he had in the past year. The fact that later they would be watching this, like he and Elia were some sort of very X-rated porno stars, turned his buttons like nothing else. He didn’t know why the idea appealed so much, but it did.
It was good in the beginning with David, too. The insidious voice in the back of his head was unwelcome in this moment of pleasure. He didn’t want to think about his ex or the fact that he’d once called the man Master. He’d never been good enough for him and had failed continuously in their relationship. David had turned to violence in his frustration. It hadn’t been Alexis’s fault. He saw that now, and wouldn’t accept abuse from anyone else again. There was a difference between a kinky bedroom spanking and an ass kicking. However, he couldn’t help but think he’d been the root cause of everything when it came right down to it. He’d asked David to play Dom, after all.
Elia’s eyes burned into him as he wrapped his hand around Alexi’s erection and tugged. “I do like the way this feels in my hand.” Alexis’s eyes rolled, and he tried to buck up into the touch. “It’s different from mine, though it is similar.”
Yes. Please. God. Want to come really bad. He screwed his eyes shut and squirmed. The device held him tightly. Fuck me. Please, fuck me. His toys hadn’t been enough in the intervening months since his last lover. He wanted flesh and blood against him, inside him. He’d never had two cocks before. He didn’t know if he could accommodate, but he sure as fuck wanted to try.
“Platform,” Elia commanded. The room obeyed, and a shimmering white surface appeared just in front of Alexis. Wow this place is handy. He remembered the flashes from the tutor. The thought of Elia’s hands spreading his cheeks and fucking him while spanking his ass raw just made him want to come right then and there. The platform had been what the Eoean had used on the tutor’s images to achieve that particular end. He wanted it, craved it.
Elia gently pressed on Alexis’s back and bent him forward so that he was ass up for his pleasure. Alexis’s palms pressed against the platform’s warm surface, and he wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t move them from the position. His cheek rested there as well, and his breath created a smear of condensation on the clear surface.
As something warm and wet was dribbled between the valley of his buttock, he shivered. His hole was begging to be filled. He was surprised when something inorganic pressed against his opening. He relaxed into the sensation, trusting Elia. He’d said he wouldn’t hurt him. Whatever he was pressing inside him filled him in gradual increments, taking up the space inside him with timed pulses. The vibrations began, and he couldn’t help but scream around the weird gag in his mouth. Talk about being probed by a horny alien. He chuckled a little at the thought, but it skated away as the pulsing flexible thing started to do some major stretching.
He managed to raise his eyes to check out the view screen and was supremely pleased by what he saw. Elia’s cock had turned a deeper shade of blue down and a cotton candy colored drip of pre-cum was lubing the plum tip. The second cock was rippling faster on the other one, milking more. Elia’s expression told Alexis that he better stretch soon because he was nearing the edge of no return. Lust had transformed his face into a mask of pleasure mixed with the pain of denial. Alexis understood the feeling all too well.
“Raise platform two units.”
Alexis’s body rose higher. What was he doing? The thought had no sooner ghosted through his mind when he got his answer. Elia dropped to his knees and sucked Alexis’s cock into his mouth. Alexis screamed as the toy fucked his ass, spreading him as Elia clumsily bobbed his head on his cock. It wasn’t practiced, but it was certainly enthusiastic. It made Alexis wonder if he’d ever given a blow job before.
He shut his eyes, unable to take the image of Elia on his knees for him. His ass stretched wider than he’d ever had before. The toy slid over his pleasure spot over and over, fucking him better than any of his own toys ever had.
“All Father above, you taste good,” Elia murmured as he pulled off his cock. “I can’t take anymore, Alexis. Forgive me if this makes you uncomfortable, my honor.” He gave the head of his dick one last lick before getting to his feet and circling around behind Alexis’s prone body.

Alexis squirmed as much as he could. The toy in his ass was removed, and his cheeks were spread wide. Yes. Take me. Elia.

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