Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday's Teasers: Shae Shannon


Shae Shannon

Shae Shannon was born in California where she lived until the age of 13.  Her family decided to uproot and move to a small town in Oklahoma.  It was fate, Karma, or coincidence that had put both Shae and her future husband on the paths of destiny and love.  She spotted him in the back of a pickup truck while cruising town, his hot sexiness capturing her attention and her heart.  One introduction later and she knew that he was her soul mate. Dustin was also from California, and had grown up only 30 miles from her. 

After marriage, Dustin joined the Army.  They spent 9 years in northern New York and 4 years in Georgia.  He served 3 tours overseas, and numerous stateside training exercises. It was during the long, stressful, lonesome deployments that Shae found she could escape into imagination and majestically teleport into juicy books. Her most prized gift came in the form of a kindle, sent from her husband in Iraq.  She quickly filled her digital library, and adds to it every week.

They are blessed with three kids ages 16, 10, and 5. Two dogs, a hamster, and a fish make for a chaotic crazy daily routine that Shae handles like a pro, and with a lot of humor.

Needing to branch out more, Shae picked up her laptop and began to write, allowing her boisterous imagination to fly.  After what seemed like an eternity, she finally created her first novel that soon became published by Siren Publishing.  She was finally on the path of her dreams of becoming an author.

Shae currently lives Oklahoma, where the tea is sweet, the grass is green, and people still say ma’am and thank you.  Every summer, they load up the family and head for the lake for swimming and fishing.  There is not a water park or swimming pool in the world that could ever compare to a rope swing and a floaty.  The only thing that will change is that Shae will be scribbling and writing as she floats on the water and works on her tan.

Always and Forever

An alpha wolf, and an alpha panther—both of which are hot, sexy, brick walls of ooh-la-la wrapped up in "yes please, give me more"—decide to pursue Giselle Shalay, things explode in a supernova of desire and need. She is torn between what her body craves and what her mind protests. She is a free-spirited, independent witch who could never succumb to the role of an obedient, mindless, submissive wife. Aiden Grey refuses to share Giselle, whether Brandon Knight is meant to mate her or not. Brandon tries to show him reason, but any discussions end up in blows. When push comes to shove, he turns to his pack and declares war against the panthers in a fight to win her hand.
Can they come to terms with what fate has dealt and work together in convincing Giselle that her place is with them, or will egos and misconceived ideas keep destiny from joining their hearts forever?


Aiden gritted his teeth. Damn that fucking pussy for having a good point. I will just have to show Giselle that I am enough for her. I can satisfy all of her needs without help, damn it. I am not going to share my mate! She is meant to be the queen of my pack, the wolf pack. How the fuck could I share her with a damn cat alpha? She can’t be the queen of both. It’s unheard of. Fuckin’ game on. “That is impossible and you know it. How in the hell can she be the alpha mate to two different packs? It’s impossible. We would have to combine our families and live in a shared area. No one will go for that. It has to be one or the other.”
“You are stupid, Aiden. You know we are only given one mate in a lifetime. If either of us doesn’t mate with her they are destined to a life of misery. The heat will drive the unlucky son of a bitch mad, and loneliness will eat them to death. I don’t wish that on anyone, even you, dog. We have to come up with a solution. Don’t be stupid on this.”
“I am alpha! I will not share with a cat! There are no negotiations. I will fight for what is mine. Whoever is meant to be with her shall be.”
“Oh for shit’s sake! You are acting like a stupid child! ‘I am alpha hear me roar!’ Horse shit! I, too, will fight for what is mine, but I am not above accepting what fate has written. I do not think it needs to come to war, Aiden. Open your eyes and see things rationally and drop the egotistical pigheadedness for a second!”
“I am not listening to another word of this. Stay away from Giselle, Brandon, or you will not like the outcome.” He rose and brushed the dirt off of his clothing before heading back to the house without another word.
Brandon lay there for a few minutes, trying to process the events that had just taken place. This was not how things should be handled between two leaders. It’s strange how a woman can bring two strong, alpha men to their knees and make them act like adolescents. Unfortunately, one thing was obvious. Aiden was a dipshit, and he was going to learn the hard way not to fight fate. Brandon just hoped that innocent people wouldn’t be hurt during the lessons he was about to learn. Hopefully he could get a jump on the bullshit by talking to his beta and giving a heads up. It seemed that it might be necessary for the troops to be prepared for whatever Aiden wanted to bring. The safety of his pride was his only priority. He would not lose sight of his duties as alpha. He just hoped the damn mutt came to his senses before things turned into a major clusterfuck. He stood and brushed off his clothes, deciding it would be best to go in through the back to not draw attention. Things were about to get really interesting.

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