Thursday, August 15, 2013

Author Spotlight with Tara Rose!

Today we have the tantalizing racy Tara Rose in the Author's Spotlight talking about her wicked new release Mastering Angela!

When Angela Davidson asks Doms Nash Stonecraft and Ian Malloy to train her as a submissive, she gets more than a flogging demo. She’s in danger of losing her heart to the two charismatic, sexy Doms. But what will happen when they discover her secret?
Nash Stonecraft doesn’t fall in love. When you love someone, they die. After losing his parents at a young age and having to manage his family’s business ventures on his own, Nash lives a life of mystery and intrigue, including running a private BDSM club in his home. But he’s lonely and unfulfilled, until he meets Angela.
Ian Malloy has been unlucky in love, and he hopes Angela will change all that. But can he share her with Nash without jealousy ripping him apart?
When a fake ghost hunter searching for buried money on Nash’s property shows up and Angela gets caught in the crossfire, both men might lose her forever.

Adult Except:
She removed Ian’s shirt and reached for the waistband of his pants. “Sit back down,” said Nash. “And if you try to make yourself come again, I’ll tie you down and flog you, sore ass be damned.”
Heat rose up her neck and face as Ian chuckled. “Yes, Sir.” Angela unzipped Ian’s pants, but she didn’t pull them down yet. Instead she ran her hands over his impressive bulge until he began to squirm. Behind her, Nash continued massaging her ass, and when Angela finally pushed Ian’s pants down to his ankles, Nash reached under and began to play with her soaking wet pussy.
Angela fought to keep from coming, but it was nearly impossible. She suspected he knew that, and a thrill ran through her at the amount of teasing these two had subjected her to. No man had ever spent this much time on foreplay or her pleasure. It was exotic and decadent, and she loved every second of it.
Ian wore red satin boxers, which Angela thought funny in light of Nash’s earlier comment on this not being a porno, but she didn’t say anything. Instead she bent over and fastened her mouth on his dick through the boxers.
“Oh Christ,” he whispered, pulling harder on her hair.
Nash slipped two fingers into her pussy and flicked her clit with the other hand. There was no fucking way she could hold off the orgasm. “Don’t come,” he said in a warning tone.
She was dying. The more she teased Ian’s cock through the fabric, the closer her climax inched. Finally she straightened up. If she got flogged for this, oh well. “Sir…please…I can’t hold it off any longer. Please let me come. Please.”
A look passed between the men over her head, but she didn’t dare turn around. Nash removed his fingers and Ian removed his from her hair. “Lie down, on your back.”
She turned around and did as Nash asked, her entire body shaking now with need and anticipation. Nash turned her toward them and pulled her hips close to the edge of the bed while Ian pushed a chair over. Nash took a seat and draped her legs over his shoulders, then met her gaze.
Angela moaned at the look of raw lust in them. She tried to remember when she’d been this aroused and couldn’t. She could hardly believe this was happening. She’d never wanted to be fucked so badly in her life.
“This is how hot and ready we want you every single time we play,” he said, brushing his finger over her clit.
She didn’t answer. She couldn’t. He fastened his mouth on her clit and pushed two fingers into her pussy, and she screamed her throat raw as the craziest orgasm she’d ever had crashed over her. The contractions went on and on, even when he pulled his fingers out and stood up.
Angela watched in disbelief as Ian took Nash’s place. The grin on his face sent shivers up and down her spine. Ian licked her wet slit, and each time he flicked his tongue over her clit more contractions started. He kept it up so long that Angela was certain she’d pass out from sheer pleasure. When he finally stood up, Nash handed her a bottle of water and she drank the entire thing.
When she finished, Ian stood in front of her and placed both hands on her head. “I could eat you out all night long, but right now, you’re going to take out my cock and suck it dry.”
She didn’t need to be told twice. She pulled down his boxers and couldn't help her reaction at the sight of his red, thick, dick. “Oh, baby…”
Ian chuckled at her words then moaned softly as Angela licked the head, and up and down the shaft. She even licked his balls, which he’d shaved. Ian held her head still, and once she’d taken him into her mouth, he pushed more of his cock inside, but Angela didn’t mind. She’d always loved giving head, and she relaxed her throat muscles so she could just go to town. Ian made satisfied noises in the back of his throat as he fucked her mouth, and when he came, Angela made sure to swallow every delicious drop.
Nash didn’t wait long to step in front of her once Ian was finished. He didn’t ask her to undress him. He merely undid his pants and pushed them down, along with his royal blue boxers. “I can’t wait any longer. You’re too fucking sexy.”
Angela tore her gaze from his impressive cock to look into his eyes. “Thank you, Sir.” Then she started to lick him the way she’d done to Ian, but Nash tangled his fingers in her hair and tugged it.
“Suck me, Angela. I’m ready to explode.”

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