Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet The Characters with Jess Buffett!

Meet The Characters Of
His Silent Mate

Get to know the characters Rhys and Jayden better, and read a never before seen snippet from the book, His Silent Mate [Hunter Clan 4]!

Name: Rhys Scott
DOB: Agust 3rd
Height: 6”4
Eye Color: Gray
Occupation: Clan Doctor
Species: Wolf-Shifter/Mage (Spirit)

Bio: Rhys is loyal to his Clan, and to his mate. He struggles dealing with the fact that he is not only half Mage (a species both revered and feared in the paranormal community) but also a Spirit Mage. Letting people close to him has never been easy, and now he has found his mate. A mate who has suffered a great deal at the hands of the Spirit element. What’s a hybrid to do?

Name: Jayden McLeod
DOB: October 10th
Height: 6”1
Eye Color: Emerald
Species: Mage (Earth)

Bio: Gentle and kind, Jayden has been held by Potestas for many years like most of his family. He and his sister are now free and living with the Hunter Clan. An incident while protecting his sister led to Potestas to using Spirit to suppress his voice and he is now unable to speak. He feels unworthy to have a mate such as Rhys, but is devastated when he realizes the huge secret his mate has been keeping form him.

His Silent Mate [Hunter Clan 4]
Jayden McLeod is used to betrayal. After years spent at the hands of an enemy and unable to speak after his own brother was forced to suppress his voice, he struggles to connect with the people around him. Particularly his mate.
As a Wolf-Shifter/Spirit Mage hybrid, Rhys Scott is used to hiding who he really is. When Rhys learns what the Spirit element has done to his mate, he is hesitant to reveal his true self to Jayden. Like all secrets though, the truth is revealed and Rhy must prove to his mate that he is worth a second chance.
Things become more dangerous when the Clan discovers Potestas is closer than they thought, and are no longer playing by the rules. With new allies and unknown enemies, the pair must learn to trust one another and accept themselves if they stand a chance of surviving.

Just as he reached the door, a quiet voice from behind him drew his attention.
“I get it,” Riley whispered.
He threw a look over his shoulder and was taken aback by what he saw. The normally snarky, feisty Mage wore a solemn expression on his face as he stared at Rhys.
“Riley?” he asked, not sure what the younger man meant.

Sending a meaningful look at his mate, Caleb, Riley said, “The fear of not being enough. Of not being the kind of mate your own mate would want. It’s terrifying, heartbreaking, and can make the strongest of us crumble.” Raising an eyebrow, Riley’s normal snark and flare returned as he threatened, “But that’s my brother, Rhys. Break his heart again, and I’ll set your arse on fire.”

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