Friday, September 20, 2013

Fantasy Friday with Flynn Eire!

Flynn has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal—ignoring the nuns at her grammar school who thought her a demon worshiper. Her outward appearance and personality doesn’t exactly fall in line with her twisted humor either, and Flynn gets a kick out of people’s initial reaction to how “normal” she is. So, after publishing over 100 titles under various names, it is finally time to unleash the evil twin, allowing Flynn the freedom to pursue the darker side of her imagination.


The youngest and one of the smallest of his malamute siblings, Chicago Niska is a computer genius with a knack for getting his virtual fingers into any system he wants. While trying to finagle his way out of one tricky situation he and his family are already in by getting information their leaders want, he stumbles across something that will bring the country, if not the world, to a crashing end.
Now if they can just get what he found to the right people without getting killed in the process.
On the run across the country to the Paranormal Parliament in the hopes of helping all supernatural kind, he and his older brothers don’t have many options for refuge when every law enforcement agency is after them. There’s only one group in the area that has the power and protection they need to shake the heat… And it’s the one place where there seems to be a great deal of history between two of his brothers and the one vouching for them.
But is the price for the help they need more than they’re willing to pay?
Family always comes first to Chicago, so he makes a deal with the devil, and a few vampires on the side, to get the help they need to survive the mission ahead. And after a night of passion and a fantasy come true, Chicago has allies he never dreamed of—one even willing to risk his life, joining their mission to spark a relationship with Chicago. There’s not time for love when you’re trying to save the world though… Is there?
Things never go as planned, and instead of finding the man of his dreams, Chicago realizes he might end up with a broken heart at the end of the journey. It seems silly to worry about that though when millions of lives are at stake if they don’t get the information he found to the right people. Funny how Chicago can’t seem to focus on much else given it’s his first love and his family will probably live with Aurelo’s coven… If they’re still alive by the time they reach their leaders.

“I’ve got the way to get us out of trouble guys,” my eldest brother, Seattle mimicked with a growl. I grabbed the handle on his 2013 Ford Expedition when he flipped a bitch fast enough there was a loud squealing of tires and I swear we were only on two of them for a few moments. “I can get us in and out without anyone ever knowing we were there.”
Just then the back window shattered, shards of glass flying everywhere as a bullet went through it.
“How’s that plan working out, Chicago?” I met his eyes in the review mirror, the LA street lights shining in and reflecting off the windshield making the normally handsome lines of Seattle’s face harsh, especially given how pissed he was.
I knew his anger wasn’t actually directed at me but the situation. Even if the shit we were neck deep in had been my fault, Seattle wasn’t the type of person to blame others or rub their noses in their mistakes. No, he was just pissed and scared for all of us… And that’s when his pretty, pretty sarcasm came out in spades.
“Should I have not grabbed the proof?” I still snapped right back as the fingers of my left hand dug into my thigh. I wasn’t exactly having the best day either and it was my first time getting shot at. Though I was fairly impressed the way my two oldest brothers were handling themselves. I started to suspect Seattle and Boston had been in a situation like this in the past.
“Just left it there and pretended I didn’t see it?” He threw me a look that clearly said to not be stupid. Well then? It wasn’t my fault.
“We’ve gotta lose them,” Orlando shouted as he glanced behind us while ducking behind the seat as his shoulders went tight. “We need help.”
“No shit!” Seattle and Boston shouted together, both in the front. Then I suddenly felt light headed as my already adrenaline filled blood took off towards my heart and it started beating fast enough to jump out of my chest as I watched Boston pulled out a handgun. My brother hit a button on the door of the vehicle, and heaved himself out the window as soon as it was down.
“Hold his legs,” Seattle ordered. “I’ve got another turn coming up to get us onto 10. He’ll go flying.” I tucked the thumb drive that held the reason we were being chased and the future of millions in my jeans pocket before practically diving onto my brother’s legs to support him.
I was blasted with the humid heat coming in from the outside air, making me sweat worse than I already was under the circumstances. Scrambling and clawing to get a hold when my arms started to slip against the cotton of his black cargo pants, I gripped him tighter. I suddenly saw black spots and couldn’t help but feel a giggle build in my throat wondering how I’d know if they were black given the color of his pants.
Burying my face against his legs, I hoped I could just hold on and not lose him as I had so much already. As the gun went off, loud and echoing in my ears, I wished I could wake up from this nightmare.
“What the fuck happened, Chicago?” Phoenix asked me again. I glanced at Seattle. He’d told me not to tell anyone what I’d found. “This was supposed to be a simple snatch and download. You promised us you could do this, baby brother. Now you’ve fucked us with the PP and the NSA. It was bad enough that the PP were pissed at us before, but if they find out about this, we’re dead—if the humans don’t kill us first.”

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