Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brand New Release...Claiming Her Mate by Jess Buffett!



He handed her the hot beverage, taking a sip of his own as he leaned his hip against the counter.  “Yeah.  Still, it’s a lot of responsibility.  Caring for one person can be difficult enough.”
Summer’s heart broke.  They were no longer talking about Tessa, but about Amber.  She knew it had been hard on him, losing his sister like that, Summer had just never realized how much he struggled.  “You did the best you could.”
“I don’t always feel that way,” he whispered, not able to meet her eye.
She took a step toward him, placing a hand gently on his shoulder.  “What else could you have done?  You loved her, cared for her.  You were amazing.”
He cupped her cheek, smiling sadly.  “But in the end it hadn’t been enough.”
Evan’s words were so simple, and yet they said so much to her.  “Evan.  Is that what you’re worried about?”
His gray eyes shimmered with lust, desire and something else she was afraid to hope for.
“What if I’m not enough for you?  I’m only human.”  His words were no more than a whisper but he didn’t drop his hand.  She moved the last inch that separated them, her thighs brushing against his.  Summer felt breathless this close to her mate.  She lifted her hand and ran her thumb along his full bottom lip.  “Summer.”
Her name, a strangled groan from his lips was the last thing she was aware of before he gripped her waist and spun her around.  Her back was to his chest and she could feel the defined length of his cock along the crease of her arse.  Pressed between him and the counter, Summer could feel every muscle in his rock hard body.  Her pussy grew wet, and all she wanted to do was tell him, to let him know that she was so ready for him.  Licking her lips, she looked over her shoulder, gasping at the predatory gleam in his eyes.  “You’ll always be enough for me, my mate.”
“Christ, I want you so bad, Summer.”  She could hear the raw desire in his hoarse whisper.  “But I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I’m fine, I promise.  Completely healed,” she panted.
He ran his hand along the sides of her breasts and over her hips.  He gripped her tightly and pulled her more fully back against him.  As if her arse against his thick erection was too much for him, he turned her around and lifted her easily onto the counter.   Her dress rode up her thighs and the chill of the tile beneath her arse was a shock to her overheated body.
Evan’s lips slammed down on hers with all the built up passion and desire they both felt.   Summer spread her legs wider to accommodate his larger frame and felt her panties rub along her too swollen pussy lips.  Slowly, he ground his cock into her folds, teasing her until the words for him to fuck her fell from her lips.
“Please, please let me feel you inside of me.”  She didn’t care if she begged for it, didn’t care at this point if she sounded pathetic.  Summer was on the verge of climaxing just from the feel of that jean clad cock pulsing against her body and she needed her mate once and for all.  Evan growled against her mouth, fiercer than any shifter and quickly went for the button of his jeans.  The sound of the button popping free and of the zipper sliding down sent shivers throughout her body.  She leaned back, braced her weight on her hands.
“Summer?”  She could tell he was having second thoughts, could tell he was trying to talk himself out of it.  She wouldn’t have any of that, couldn’t breathe if she didn’t feel his cock buried inside of her.  She may be a virgin, but she knew what she wanted.
She wanted her mate.  She had waited long enough.
Evan had his pants pushed down his hips in the next second.  She felt her eyes widen when she finally got a look at what had been hidden behind his jeans.  His cock was huge, thick and long, the head was flared and bulbous, already wet from his arousal.  She licked her lips and heard him groan.
However, when her eyes slid a little higher and to the right, her breath hitched.  Eyes widening at what she saw, Summer glanced up at the man she had known for years, searching for any sign of deception.  Her confusion mounting when she found none.  Yet the proof was there right in front of her in the shape of a small pentagram, positioned on his right hip.  A mark only found on one species.  And it wasn’t human.
“Evan?” her voice wavered as her mind searched for a possible answer.
His expression still clouded with lust, Evan tilted his head to the side and frowned.  “What is it?  Do you want to stop?”
Her tiger snarled, telling her not to care, overriding all of her senses.  Stopping was the last thing either of them wanted, but she attempted one last time to stay in control.  “That mark, Evan, there on your hip.  Have you always had it?  Do you…”
His eyes flicked to the mark in question, then back up to hers and she could read the confusion in them.  “Summer, do you really want to talk about some weird birthmark I was born with?  Does it make you that uncomfortable?”
“No, but—”
“No buts then, not anymore.”  He took a step toward her and dropped down on his knees to bury his face between her thighs.  The force of his mouth on her pussy, of his lips rubbing along her labia had her leaning back and bracing herself once more on the counter.  The sound of fabric tearing pierced her lust induced brain and she watched as Evan tossed the remnants of her panties to the side.
Summer cried out as he licked and sucked, probed and teased her.  He spread her pussy lips apart with his thumbs and sucked her clit into his mouth.  Summer ground her pussy against his mouth, and he growled in response.
Damn, she loved that sound coming from him.  A sudden spark, almost like an electrical current, zapped her.  What the hell was that?
She threw her head back and cried out in pleasure as her orgasm slammed into her.  He didn’t stop sucking on her and that only made it seem to go on longer.  After letting go of her clit, he licked a path down her slit and speared her pussy with his tongue.  In and out he probed her body with his tongue while he moved his thumb back to her clit and rubbed small, quick circles around the bundle of nerves.  She could feel another intense orgasm approach and felt her whole body tighten in response.
“Come again, honey.  I want to taste you, Summer.  I want your cream down my throat.”  She was shocked at what he said, but those few words sent pleasure through her like a freight train.  The intensity of what was happening had her whole body shaking and she closed her eyes as she let it wash through her.

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