Friday, November 8, 2013

Fantasy Friday with Jane Jamison!


 Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.
Tatum Baldwin has loved Josh and Will McLean since high school. But the feud between the Baldwins and the McLeans means they’re off limits. When the McLean men come back into town, Tatum’s ready to make the move and claim them as her own. But what if her family finds out?
Will and Josh McLean are tired of sneaking around to be with Tatum. Yet family and the feud make it hard to go public. Just as they’ve finally convinced Tatum to take the risk, an unexpected discovery throws their world and their families into turmoil.
Will they keep their secret? But secrets have a way of coming out, especially when they’re buried in treasure.
Matt grew up with the firm belief in love at first sight. When they meet a woman in town to do research on a book, Eric is tempted to believe it too. But, there are more secrets to Jocelyn Richards then he first believes and when the feud flares to life again she is caught in the middle.  Will the history behind a centuries old feud drive them apart before they can create a future?

Tatum sat on her bed in the Baldwin family home in Sanctuary, Montana, and stared at the basket in front of her. She lifted one of the items, a cock ring, and studied it. What the hell was she supposed to do with that? She knew how to use some of the other items—the vibrator, handcuffs, foldable flogger, and the tubes of lubricants as well as the studded collar—but a few of them were complete mysteries to her. She’d never felt more inexperienced than she did looking at the sex toys. Had her visits to the BDSM club Consensual taught her nothing? But then, she’d only gone a couple of times and had stayed on the sidelines, trying not to gawk too much.
Why did I buy a basket anyway?
It was a stupid question to ask. She’d gone to the BDSM auction last month for that specific purpose, to buy Josh’s and Will’s basket. But they’d rushed out early, and their basket had gotten pulled from the auction. She’d had to gather her nerve and purchase it from Aaron Carson, the club’s owner, saying that she was doing it “for a good cause.”
But they didn’t see me buy it. That was my main reason for buying it. Although helping a good cause is always a good reason to spend money.
At the time of the auction, she’d thought buying a basket would be a great way to tell Josh McLean and his cousin Will McLean that she was interested. Interested in not only delving into new and exciting sexual play, but in a lifelong relationship. The latter was unlikely, given the persistent state of conflict between their families, but that didn’t keep her from dreaming.
As for the sex, that was a good possibility since they weren’t exactly strangers. She’d often imagined inviting them to a secluded spot and seducing them. She’d dress in the sexy lingerie she’d purchased online and she’d hold out the basket and say, “Take me any way and every way you want me. I’m yours. Command me to do whatever you want.”
She wanted them interested in more than just sex, of course, but getting them physically attracted to her was as good a place as any to start a relationship. Or at least she hoped so.
But the auction had happened last month, and she’d done nothing except moon over them whenever they happened to cross paths. Just like she’d done in high school.
How long had she had a fascination with them? Ten years? More? It seemed like forever.
They’d caught her attention when she’d entered high school. They’d been the older, handsome star jocks on the football team and she’d been the chubby band geek with braces and glasses who’d sat in the stadium and cheered them on. No way could she have approached them back then. Especially since they’d both had cheerleader girlfriends. Cute, skinny, blonde cheerleaders who were as snooty as they were popular.
Then came college and the McLean cousins had gone out of state to study. Fate had intervened more than once when they’d all come home for a holiday or just to visit their respective families. They’d even hung out a few times after she’d “accidentally” run into each other. They’d made sure to go to a neighboring town so that no one they knew would see them together. She’d treasured those times, especially the one time they’d ended up partying in a hotel room, but then they’d said their goodbyes. Mutual friends kept them up-to-date on each other’s lives, but they’d never had any real contact.
She should’ve simply forgotten about them and moved on to someone else. But she hadn’t forgotten them. She could never forget them.
Unlike her, they’d graduated from college then gone to live in other states and had rarely returned home. Part of why she’d come back home armed with her bachelor of education degree was her way of staying close to them, even if only through town gossip. She’d gone into teaching instrumental and vocal music with a fervor at Sanctuary Junior High School and she loved her job. But the McLean cousins were never far from her mind and there hadn’t been a day when she hadn’t wished they’d come back to Sanctuary.
When they’d returned two months ago, she’d stopped and gawked at them as they’d sauntered across the street in that sexy, careless way they had. Although she’d always listened for any word about them in the gossip that floated around the town, she’d heard nothing about their possible return to Sanctuary.
At first, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She’d stood there, wanting to run and throw her arms around them, but they hadn’t seen her and she hadn’t had the nerve to call out to them. Instead, she’d remained stuck to the sidewalk and had mooned over them just as she’d done every time they’d made another fantastic play on the football field.
How had they gotten even better looking? She couldn’t have imagined that they could get any sexier, but she’d been wrong.
Both of them were built like human trucks, steel-hard and oozing power. They had wide shoulders that strained to break out of their leather jackets. They both had dark hair. Josh, the wilder of the two men, wore his hair a little longer so that it feathered around his neck in a cruel imitation of how she’d like to curve her fingers around his neck and pull his lips to hers. Will’s hair was shorter and spiked on top. Just like they always had, they still wore faded jeans that molded to their perfect bodies. While Will sported a leather belt with a silver buckle, Josh went without a belt, his shirt pulled out at the back in a carefree manner.
I wonder if their eyes are the same McLean blue.
Granted, eye color couldn’t change, but had the gleam that they’d always had in their eyes diminished with age? Did they still have that wild glint that had made her panties wet? She longed to find out.

“Then let’s really get this party going.” Will tugged on her leash and led her over to the couch. “Climb onto the couch, sugar, and get on your hands and knees.”
She did as he commanded and then watched as he looped the leash around the wooden arm of the couch. Her breasts dangled toward the cushion while her butt pointed at the ceiling.
Josh moved to the end of the couch and knelt on the cushion behind her. She glanced back just in time to see him lean over and nip her butt cheek. It was a different kind of pain, but one that was just as enjoyable as the sting from the flogger. She bucked, making her breasts dance and catching Will’s eye.
He leaned against her and grabbed her hair then a breast. “She needs another whipping, Josh.”
Josh agreed then sent the lashes against her butt cheek again. She was ready for it this time and even leaned into it.
“Are you enjoying your whipping, darlin’?”
“Yes, Master Josh.”
“Then maybe you’ll enjoy a spanking, too.” Josh’s flat hand against her skin was even better than the flogger.
“Ooh, please, Master Josh. Spank me again.”
He did as she’d asked, giving her an even harder spank. As soon as he’d spanked one cheek, he moved to the other.
The heat of desire ripped into her, pummeling outward from her pussy as her juices flowed even more freely. Her pussy clenched with the need to have them inside her, both from the front and from the back. Three more spankings followed, and a small orgasm broke free.
“Please, masters, please fuck me.”
Will moved away, but returned with the vibrator. “Let’s see how much you like this first.”
He knelt next to the couch, and as she watched, he rubbed the rotating, plunging vibrator against her clit. She cried as her pussy wept.
“Please, Master Will. I want more than any vibrator can give me. I want you.”
“And me?” Josh let the lashes fly against her sensitive skin again.
“And you, Master Josh.”
“We should make sure first.” Will slid the vibrator’s tip into her pussy. The whirling end set up an explosion of sensations, and she moaned, ducking her head and closing her eyes.
“Do you like it, Tatum?” Josh slapped her again then squeezed her ass as he leaned to the side to watch his cousin thrust the vibrator into the pussy. “Take it easy, man. We don’t want to hurt her.”
“Never.” Will eased the vibrator out again. “How did that feel, Tatum? Good or bad?”
She opened her eyes to find him staring at her, concern on his face. “Both. But I’d still rather have the real thing.”
Will took the vibrator away, exchanging it for his fingers. “Does this feel better?”
She closed her eyes, enjoying the way his wiggling fingers felt inside her pussy. “Please, Master Will, could you rub my clit, too?”
He did, giving her even more delightful sensation. Josh spanked her ass cheek again then left the couch to check the basket. He came back, and once the cool gel struck her tight muscles, she knew that he’d gotten the lube. He rubbed her, working the gel around her hole and inside her anus.
She’d never had two men with their fingers inside her at the same time. How could she when she’d never even had sex with two men before. But the feeling they gave her, one searching for her G-spot and the other preparing her for anal penetration, sent chills over her body. Will fondled her breasts, moving from one to the other as Josh bent over her and planted quick nibbles at the small of her back.
“Get ready, darlin’.”
She nodded at Josh, telling him to go ahead. He pushed his cock inside her ass, going slowly at first. But when she heard his groan, she knew he’d gotten lost in the sensation. He pushed harder, stretching her butthole muscles to their limit.
She would’ve never guessed that she’d love being leashed to the arm of the couch and under someone else’s control. Yet, despite the restraints, she had the power to stop them at any time.
Stop them? Hell, no.
She eased back, urging Josh to push into her as far as he could go. He did, ramming his cock into her and knocking her forward.
“Holy hell, but she’s tight.” Josh’s voice was tight, but not strained. Instead, it was filled with a deep huskiness.
Will rubbed her clit harder, then slowed down and stopped. She searched his face as he stood.
“Let’s try another position. I want to do more than finger-fuck her.” Will untied the leash from the couch then clutched her hair and yanked her upward. Josh complained, then repositioned himself and entered her again.
Will’s blue eyes, changed to a dark ocean color by his desire, searched her. Although he kept his gaze on her, he spoke to Josh. “Give me the key to the cuffs, man.”
“Now?” There was no mistaking the shock in Josh’s voice. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“No, I’m not. Do it.”
Her body felt bereft as Josh pulled his cock out of her. He came back fast and handed the key to Will.
As she sat back on her legs, Will unlocked the cuffs. She worked the stiffness out of her arms, but her freedom was short-lived. Will took her arms and cuffed her hands behind her. Then, as Josh frowned at him, Will sat on the couch, leaned back, and pulled her on top of him.
She inhaled as his cock slid inside her pussy. Her gaze locked onto his until Will leaned forward, tugged off the nipple clamps, sending pain streaking through her breasts, and then took her nipple into his mouth. The effect of losing the pinching clamps followed by his soft sucking on her nipple drove her closer to the edge of another climax.

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