Monday, December 23, 2013

Capture This...

After Dark Writers and Sinfully Sweet Romance wanted to bring everyone some Holiday Cheer. So we created a gave called "Capture This..." The rules are simple, we gave the authors two picture to choose from and then they had to create a caption for that picture. This is what they came up with.

***Please note that all pictures of the authors have a link attacked to their books.. enjoy and Happy reading!****

Picture one:  Naughty Santa

Alanea Alder:

"Even Nice girls do Naughty things for the man that gives her everything."

Diane Leyne:
“Santa prefers girls on the naughty list “
Nancy Lommel:
"Santa, that's the best candy cane I have every tasted!"

Vella Day:

Ho, ho, ho. Somebody’s been so very naughty. Now she’s trying to be nice, but will it be enough for Santa to forgive her? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Hennessee Andrews:
Santa costume rental: $150.00
Cheesy sunglasses: $8.00
Rum to spike the eggnog with at the annual office Xmas party: $12.00
Convincing Judy from accounting that you’re the real Santa: PRICELESS

J. Annas Walker:
"Please, Sir, may I have more candy cane?"

Zenobia Renquist:

You know inflation has gotten bad when Santa no longer accepts sitting on his lap as the proper way to tell him what you want for Christmas.

Lynn St. James:
"Ho! Ho! Ho!  It's gonna blow!"

Jess Buffett:

 "Sorry Santa. I thought you said Naughty AND nice!"

Picture two: Christmas Couple...

Karen Mercury:
"I can't take it anymore!  Not another one of your mother's fruitcakes!"

Alice Brown:

"What?  You are posting these god-awful Christmas sweaters on the net?  Ewe!"
Willow Booke:
"I don't want to sit on Santa's lap he touches my no no spot!"

Lynn Ray Lewis:
"Please! this butt plug is too big! He insisted I wear it!"

Gracie Meadows:
"He smells like old moldy cheese, wait, I wasn't ready yet."
Thank you everyone who took the time to come out and play this first ever game Capture This. If you missed this time, stay tuned as we will be doing them monthly. Thank you authors who took the time to make this an amazing time for everyone!

May you all have a wonderful Holiday Season

~Love the After Dark Writers!~


  1. It was tons of fun! Thanks for doing this. :)