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In the Spotlight with Iyana Jenna!

We would like to wish a warm welcome to the fabulous Iyana Jenna!  Iyana, give us the inside scoop on your new release, What Lies Beneath! 

Thank you so much for giving a chance to visit After Dark Writers! Here I have a deleted scene right after Jarrett’s first performance in What Lies Beneath. Enjoy!

Jarrett closed his eyes and let the warm water run down his face and body. He'd stood in the shower for the longest time. He'd scrubbed and rubbed the chocolates off his skin but still there was some left. But chocolates were the least of his problems right now, and the warm water didn't help at all. He needed cold shower to get Dylan out of his mind. Here, behind his closed lids, Jarrett still saw Dylan's hesitant gaze before he touched Jarrett's cock. Jarrett shuddered at the memory. It'd just felt so good to be under Dylan's expert fingers, and he'd played Jarrett like the finest harp player and Jarrett's overly sensitive slit and cock were the strings he plucked to produce the tunes that formed Jarrett's moans and gasps.
Jarrett shivered, his breath hitched, and he let out choked sounds, once, twice, as his strokes became more frantic. His back arched, taut, and small cries escaped his lips as he finally came. Pearly-colored strings of his release hit the pale green porcelain of the shower wall before they were washed down by the gush of water. Jarrett breathed heavily and he pressed his left hand against the wall to support his body. But it wasn't strong enough for his wobbly legs. He dropped to his knees, turned around slowly, and slumped on the wall, legs stretched straight. With a soft murmur, "Dylan," Jarrett let himself overcome by drowsiness.


On Dylan's birthday, his friends give him a chocolatey surprise -- a night at a private gay club, starring Jarrett, the most beautiful stripper he's ever seen. The pair have an obvious connection, but Dylan's hiding a big secret.

Jarrett has a rule: Never fall for a client. But Dylan is cute, and sweet, and Jarrett is only human, okay? But when the past comes back to haunt Dylan, will Dylan push him away, or will he help Dylan conquer his fears once and for all?

"You," Jarrett hisses.

Dylan looks at him, feeling helpless at Jarrett's enraged voice mixed with fear. Dylan bends down to pick up a shirt and jeans from the floor and hands them over. Jarrett snatches them from Dylan's hand.

"Yes, it's me. Dylan."

"Dylan Scott." Jarrett gets dressed, but his eyes never leave Dylan. "What are you? I didn't see you come in."

Dylan pauses. "I-I saw you from the window."

"From the window -- you were watching me?"

"Not really. I..." He's not lying. He was totally going to leave until he heard Jarrett's cry for help.

Jarrett doesn't seem to be listening, eyes turning big with suspicion.

"The window was locked... There's no broken glass..." Suddenly, Jarrett dashes toward the door, but Dylan is faster, of course.

He grabs Jarrett gently. "Relax," he murmurs in Jarrett's ear.

"Please don't hurt me," Jarrett pleads, his body trembling.

Dylan releases him at once. "I won't. All I want is to protect you."

Jarrett gazes up at him. "Why? I'm a complete stranger."

"I had you in my hand," Dylan said, and Jarrett's face turns crimson and turns away.

"It doesn't mean anything."

"Doesn't it?" Dylan asks, and he frowns when Jarrett gathers a watch and set of keys from the nightstand.

"Where are you going?"

"Home," Jarrett says simply.

"Huh? I thought this was your apartment."

"Like I want to let a scumbag like him into my place?" Jarrett sneers, nodding at Jeff who's still lying on the floor unconscious. "What are you going to do to him? You going to kill him?"

"I don't go around killing people, if that's what you're asking."

"Then what? What do you do? How did you find me?" Jarrett squints up at him. "Are you one of those superheroes? But you're not wearing a cape or a mask." Jarrett giggles. "Listen to me. I must sound nuts."

Dylan smiles a little. "No, you don't. I'll tell you all about me later. Right now, let me make sure you get home safely."

Jarrett steps back. "Uh no, thank you. I'll drive. I don't want to fly or anything."


About the Author:

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has five of them. Their names are Larva, Nyil, Cil, Mermood, and Horus. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.

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