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New Release Spotlight with Lady V and Alice Brown!

Please wish a Sinfully Sweet welcome to Lady V and Alice Brown! 

We asked this mother daughter duo a few questions and here is what they had to say:

Thank you for having us on your blog today.  We hope to share a little about our upcoming release, Sapphamire, Dragons of Dragonose 1, and also a little bit about us.  We are a mother/daughter team of paranormal erotic romance writers. 

Q:  Tell us a little about yourselves.  What is it like to write with your mother/daughter?
Lady V:  For us it comes quite easily.  Mom homeschooled me straight through high school; and we did many projects together.  Dad was often away while he was in the military, leaving just mom and I.  That brought about a very close bond between the two of us. 
We both started writing about the same time, about three years ago.  Ironically, it was mom that talked me into trying, and I in turn talked her into trying.   We made a promise to each other early on that we would help each other until we both made it.
Alice Brown:  Lady V is correct, we have an extremely tight relationship.  In a lot of ways, we are each other’s best friend.  It didn’t take long after we started writing to discover that we complement each other wonderfully.
Q:  I have heard Alice state that writing in your household is a family affair.  Care to explain?   
Lady V:  Well, dad is big on science fiction and fantasy.  Years ago he played Dungeons & Dragons and has always loved anything fantasy, paranormal, etc.  So, mom is truly the writer.  You can give her a idea, and she can take off with it and spin a story before you know it.  Dad and I are the ones that come up with those ideas.  We can be often found sitting around bouncing story ideas off of each other.  Case in point, at 12:30 am two nights ago mom decided she wanted to go back and redo the second Dragons of Dragonose book that we are currently working on, giving it a new angle.  I grabbed some chips and crackers for munching, and all three of us sat down in the dining room for the next hour and half discussing what should or should not be changed, while she jotted down notes so she wouldn’t forget in the morning.  That is how we work.  If one of us gets stuck in our writing, or gets an idea for a book but not sure how well it will go over; we all stop and discuss it together.  It’s kind of cool.  I’ve been told it’s geeky; but I love it!   And honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way!   
Alice:  Yes, we are a very close knit family.  Mr. Brown also is a huge help to me in running our websites and helping me with ordering of promo items, etc.
Q:  Is Sapphamire the only co-written book the two of you have planned?
Lady V:  No, Sapphamire is the first in a series, of which we are already working on both book two, Fire and Ice, and book three, Ivormantis.  We also have story lines lined up for books four and five, but haven’t started those yet.

Q:  So, what are your plans for the future? 
Lady V:  We have a goal to have the next four books of Dragons of Dragonose series done this year.  Mom and I are also bouncing around some additional ideas for other series, one of which I started quite some time ago and have just recently picked back up. 
Alice:  We have just recently made the decision to stay teamed up for the foreseeable future.  Lady V has a ton of “partially written” stories that I am helping her in order to get a few completed.  She has such a wonderful imagination.  I also have a new series, Texas Vampire Rangers.  The first book in that series should be out around April time frame, with plans to do write several more in that series.
Q:  Tell us something funny that is not widely known about your private life.  Common Lady V, dish it out to us.
Lady V:  (grins an evil grin as she glances over to her mother)   I have a pet bearded dragon named Hyde.  For some reason, he has taken a strong dislike to mom ever since he was little.  I have to ask her to babysit him once in a while so I can clean his tank.  This has resulted in him trying to run away from her multiple times, clawing her, etc.  But the funniest was when he decided to “leave her a present” on her desk calendar.  It soaked through over half the pages, resulting in her throwing the calendar out while yelling at him that she didn’t appreciate his “little gift”!
Alice:  That bearded dragon just doesn’t like me!
Lady V:  Oh I’m not done!  Mom is also well known for getting ready to walk out the door and yelling, “Where the h*** are my glasses?”  They are usually on top of her head where she has thrown them!
Q:  Can you tell us about your upcoming book?  When is it available?
Lady V:  Sapphamire, Dragons of Dragonose is set to be released tomorrow, Thursday, February 27.   Blain Barrymire is a dragon shifter from the land of Dragonose.  His dragon’s name is Sapphamire.  Blain came to earth to find his mate about eight years ago.  He runs a powerful business out of his castle in Iceland. 
Interviewing for the position of personal assistant, Natasha Clayton leaves a few minor details out of her resume.  Arriving for the interview, Blain is stunned to realize that not only is he interviewing a female that he had originally thought was a male, but that female is his mate!
Natasha is out of options and time.  The High Council of Others considers her a ticking time bomb because her powers didn’t manifest in the usual timeframe.  She’s part demon, part pixie, and part angel.  The council is confused and frankly scared that her powers haven’t come to light yet.  She has no idea of the life altering events that are ahead of her.
But Blain and Natasha will soon face much larger problems than the Council of Others or Natasha’s hidden powers.  King Thoran has called Blain home to defend Dragonose against a long-standing enemy’s attack.  Sapphamire is injured during the battle, and life for both Blain and his dragon will be forever changed.  They must learn to depend on Natasha’s love and new-found abilities to see them through. 

Thank you ladies for having us on your blog today.  We had a blast and hope that everyone joins us tomorrow over on facebook for the release party of Sapphamire.  It will be held between 1-4 p.m. EST.  Here is the link:  

Sapphamire- Dragons of Dragonose 1

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  MF
In book one of the Dragons from Dragonose: Blain Barrymire is a dragon shifter from the land of Dragonose.  He came to Earth several years ago to search for his mate, and in the meantime, established a powerful business empire based out of his castle in Iceland.  When interviewing for the position of his personal assistant, his attention is drawn to a resume from an N. Clayton.  He assumes the candidate is a man, and is shocked when it turns out that not only is she a female, but also his mate!
Natasha Clayton is out of options and time.  The High Council of Others considers her a ticking time bomb because her powers didn’t manifest in the usual timeframe.  She’s part demon/pixie, and part angel, and the council is confused and worried as to why her powers haven't come to light.  When she steps into Blain's castle for her interview, she doesn't expect the life-altering changes that are ahead of her.
Blain and Natasha soon face bigger problems than worrying about Natasha’s hidden powers, or the Council of Others.  Blain's king has called him home to defend against the imminent threat of a long-standing enemy’s attack. 
When the unthinkable happens, and Blain’s dragon is seriously injured, will Natasha’s love and newfound abilities be enough to see Blain through?

Give away time!! All comments below will be entered to win!  The two great prizes include an ecopy of Sapphamire and a necklace!  Don't miss out!  

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