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A chance to win big with Lori King!

Today we welcome Lori King on After Dark/ Sinfully Sweet Romance as she offers a chance to win a free Kindle and a glance at her newest Book in the Surrender Trilogy.

New Steamy Excerpt from Primal Surrender 

In my new book, Primal Surrender, I dipped into the world of shared submission. Mack Thompson, is a proclaimed Dominant. He loves the feeling of a soft woman submitting underneath him, but he’s man enough to admit that he likes strength in a woman too. When his secret slips out, Claudia decides to turn the tables on him, because in her untutored mind submission SHOULD be shared. Take a peek as she takes control…


The tentative touches became firmer and he chuckled behind her.  “Have I mentioned how much I like your dirty talking side?”

Rolling up on her side, she rested her head on her hand and gave him what she hoped was a seductive look.  “How about this side?  Are you interested in this side too?”

The heat lighting up his eyes made her skin tingle.  His breathing was heavier as she whispered, “Definitely.  Roll over, sweetheart, so I can play with those pretty tits.”
Shaking her head, she rolled over but she didn’t stay put.  “Nope.  I think it’s my turn to make you squeal.  Remember?  I’ve got some scarves I think I’m going to use on you just to ensure you can’t take over.”

Shock filled his features, and a pink flush stained his cheeks, but she saw his cock twitch with interest behind the denim of his jeans.  His body suddenly tensed and he took a step backwards.  Jumping to her feet, she placed one hand on his chest, and gripped the back of his neck with the other, drawing his eyes back to hers.  “Hey!  Why are you so embarrassed?”

“I’m not,” he argued, but she wouldn’t release him when he tried to pull away.  “I’m fine, really.”

“No, wait, if we’re going to pursue this relationship you have to talk to me.  Why are you suddenly acting awkward?  Is it because I want to tie you up?”

Mack slowly shook his head, and took a deep breath.  “No.  It’s because I want you to.  I’m not entirely comfortable with my desire to be on the receiving end yet.”

“We’ll take it slow.  Practice makes perfect, right?  I’m assuming you would like the opportunity to tie my ass up and drive me insane.”  She lifted an eyebrow at him, and giggled when his grin widened.  “That’s what I thought.  Well fair’s fair.  I want to explore this gorgeous piece of man-flesh, and the only way to prevent you from taking over is to tie you down.  Are you game?”

“Man-flesh?”  He looked genuinely affronted at her choice of words and she rolled her eyes. 

“Seriously?  Are you in or not?”

Mack suddenly laughed loudly and wrapped his arms around her middle, pulling her up onto her toes so he could kiss her.  When they parted to breathe again, he smiled down at her.  “You’re perfect, do you know that?”

“Of course I am.  Now, on your back, cowboy.  I’m going to lasso you.”  She wiggled her eyebrows and bounced over to her dresser to pull out several silk scarves that would bind him securely to the headboard.  Hopefully they won’t leave marks, she thought.  The moment the thought crossed her brain she smiled inside at the image of another woman seeing her marks on his wrists.  Pure feminine pride filled her chest, and she stalked back to the bed, determined to leave a mark on his soul, if not his body.  She wanted to rock him to the core like he did her yesterday.


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  1. All I can say is share the love.

    1. LOL Thank you for stopping by Leslie!

  2. Wow, a while trilogy to buy and enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. I just love your books and this series has become a favorite.

  4. I believe that submission should be shared also because what's more beautiful than knowing that you brought your man to his knees. Love this series and wishing you continued success.


  5. I loved this trilogy and this book was my favorite. I think what I liked most was that they didn't know that they were going to share a wife their whole life. As the story progressed and their love grew for Claudia they knew the only way to make her happy was to do it together. Loved it!!

  6. I agree with Diana, this was the best book out of them all. Sorry to see its the last but I know Lori will give us some more of her great books soon. Just left my review on Amazon and it was 5 stars.

    1. Thank you Lisa! You're absolutely right! I have so many more books planned it's crazy! LOL

  7. Wow this was such a great book! Loved the series as a hole. I want to find my own shared Happiness after reading this book.. Thanks for great reading material.

  8. Great book! Lori!

  9. Such a great book this was my favorite one of the series! Can't wait to read more from you!

  10. I'm enjoying this tour and learning more about you and your books. Thanks for the chance. Koala571 at msn dot com

  11. I'm loving these excerpts! I can't wait to read this series! Thanks! :)

  12. Looking forward to books & giveaway.