Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cover Reveal...Rekindling Their Faith (Shifter Unit #1) by Sydney Lea!

We're extremely excited to reveal Sydney Lea's new cover for Rekindling Their Faith, book 1 in her Shifter unit series. Make sure you check it out.



Jensen, Faith, Chance...

Learning from a young age that shifters were real, Faith had grown used to being just on the outskirts of their world. That is until one day the Alpha’s son comes home and claims that she belongs to him and his best friend.

Chance Dixon was used to the looks he received from others of his Pride. Considered an abomination by most because he shifted into a white lion, his only saving grace was his superior strength, his friendship with the Alpha’s son…and their mate. If only she knew she was theirs.

Jensen Summers had done everything that his Pride had expected from him in the lead up to assuming his role as Alpha, but now that he was home his only thoughts were for the beauty he had left behind, and a best friend who had promised to wait for him to claim her together.

When hormones and emotions reach a boiling point, mistakes are made. Now Jensen and Chance must prove to their mate that she means everything to them, while protecting her from those who would seek to harm their human. Can the best friends keep her safe, while trying to rekindle her faith in them?

Coming March 18th from Evernight Publishing!

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