Friday, October 27, 2017

Fantasize by Maggie Mundy


The Dark Storm series Book 2 by Maggie Mundy


A movie star, a pappazzo and a stalker. What could go wrong?


Mitch is a paparazzo and Gemma, is a star on Dark Storm.  He comes to her rescue more than once but can she ever trust someone like him. Will the family secret Gemma is keeping being the cause of her death. When she is stalked Mitch ends up being the only one who can save her.


Mitch didn’t want the others to see her like this either. Her whole body trembled as he held her close. When she peered up, he could see fear in her wide-eyed stare. For some reason, he didn’t think the fear was of him as she glanced back at the door.

“Mitch. Help me? I need to hide.”
She remembered his name. He met her once at an auction for the Women’s Refuge, but he didn’t think she would remember him. Cassi liked the work he’d done of the homeless and let him rub shoulders with some of the rich and famous for the night. He’d noticed Gemma before and thought she was the hottest woman he’d ever seen. He really didn’t think she’d remember a scum pap and know his name. 
He glanced back at the street and knew the other paps would be waiting. The guys would be charging down now if they knew she was in his arms. The picture would probably make some of them up to ten grand. For once, he didn’t care about the money. Mitch couldn’t do this to her. He was going fucking soft. Mitch scanned around. Where the hell did she think he could hide her, and more importantly, who was she hiding from? The narrow laneway between the restaurant and the boutique next door would be their only solution. 
Mitch let her feet down to the ground. She couldn’t be more than five-four now he was standing next to her. Gemma pressed up close as if she was scared he would leave her alone. He’d never been there for anyone but his sister, and now he was giving up the photo opportunity of a lifetime to do so.
“Will you do what I say?”
She nodded and he hoped he wasn’t putting himself in a situation he was going to regret later. He took off his hooded leather jacket, put it around her shoulders, and pulled up the hood. It swamped her tiny frame, but it would hide her face. He grabbed her hand and she limped across the laneway with him as she hobbled on one heel.
“If whoever is after you comes out, they’ll think we’re a couple making out. You okay with that?”
She nodded again.
She had her back to the wall in the laneway and he used his body to shield her. The two of them made it just in time. The door to the back of the restaurant flew open again and a light shone across the alleyway. Mitch bent his head down to her neck. Dear God, she smelled good. He fought the urge to lick her neck. He needed to control himself so he wasn’t just some other guy bothering her.

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